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For our second Organic September guest post I caught up with organic makeup meastro Lou Dartford to find out why she chooses organic.

Why do you choose organic?

I believe that organic products are one of our best options in today’s modern world. Not just for our personal health and wellbeing but for that of the planet too.

What does an organic lifestyle mean to you?

To me an organic lifestyle means eating fresh, unprocessed food that has been grown using sustainable methods with no harsh pesticides. It also means thinking about what you put on your body, just as much as about what goes in it.

I don’t want to use products that have an ingredient list as long as my arm with unpronounceable words. I wouldn’t eat it, so why would I put in on my skin? I want products that are full of natural goodness, rather than a concoction of synthesised chemicals that may be suspect and detrimental to my health – inside and out.

Do you have any tips for people who are thinking of switching to organic?

Choosing your beauty products wisely is a key part of an organic lifestyle. You don’t have to know every single ingredient but start to read labels and you’ll get to know a fair few of them anyway.

In general, like food, you want the ingredients list to be relatively short and simple. It can be a minefield when starting out, look for products that have been certified organic to help with any confusion.

Don’t try and change everything at once, switch to organic as your other products run out. If you’re testing the waters, a body lotion is a good place to start. Think of the surface area you cover when applying this product – it makes sense to switch it.

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