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September is the Soil Association‘s annual celebration of all things organic, and this year we’re joining in by teaming up with some real organic heroes!

We have some really special guest posts coming up from the people who embrace organics everyday and in every aspect of their lives.

First up, Imelda Burke who owns the fantastic organic haven, Content in Marylebone…

Why do you choose organic?

For the planet, people and plants.

What does an organic lifestyle mean for you?

Two fold – firstly the choice to be able to avoid synthetic chemicals, It’s hard to avoid pollution in a city but you can choose organic skincare and household items to limit exposure where you can.

Secondly, it means considering the impact that your choices have beyond just yourself. Consider the cotton worker who has to work with pesticides, the farmer who has to create higher yields and ‘pretty products’ to meet supermarket requirements and welfare of animals that are produced for consumption.

It’s not a perfect world but if we are all more conscious of the choices we make we can support manufacturers who are creating in a more sustainable way.

Any advice you’d give to people who want to make the switch to organic products?

Start with body first – people get excited about switching their face products but often forget that the skin is the largest organ of the body. Start by swapping the products you use on the largest surface area. Then move to those you may eat – lipstick and lipgloss.

If you are confused about ingredients – ask questions! Find a retailer who will spend time answering them or look for independent organic certification logos on products.

Great tips from Imelda there – stay tuned for more fab guest posts coming up this week…

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